Zenfolio | A Beautiful World Photography | What to Expect


~ For me, taking pictures is FUN, so I will be excited to be there!

~ My sessions last around an hour to an hour and a half. 

~ I will not get stressed out about kids or pets not perfectly cooperating...sometimes the unplanned can lead to great pictures too!  Please don't get frustrated with your kids/pets - the last thing we need is for them to get in trouble and then not have smiley pictures...we'll just roll with the punches and improvise!  If we need to take a break, we'll take a break.

~ I will ask you if you have any specific poses/themes in mind, and will generally try to tackle those first.  I do not generally incorporate props in my photography, but if you have a very strong desire for a certain prop, please contact me in advance to discuss.

~ I may or may not end up covered in dirt/mud/leaves, etc when we're done.  I generally end up laying on the ground at some point, and accept this as part and parcel of taking great pictures.  I have a washing machine, I am not concerned.  If you care to join in the mess, you are more than welcome to!

~ I am not opposed to taking pictures in the rain or snow if you so desire.

~ I will ask you to sign a waiver/contract - I ask this of everyone, even my close friends.  It will request your permission to put your pictures on my blog, website and Facebook (you have the option to decline).  It will request that you not alter the pictures that I provide to you, and that if you place the pictures I give you online, you properly credit A Beautiful World Photography (I include a folder with watermarked images on the disc that you may purchase).

~ If you have opted to purchase the disc, the turnaround is approximately 5-7 days after our session.  Sometimes the turnaround is much quicker, however, because I want you to see your pictures!!

~ Your images will also be available on my website for a year, from where you can order prints, canvases, digital downloads and other items to preserve your photos!


~ Feel free to check out my website for galleries of my images.  I provide color images, as well as some converted to a dark brown and white (versus black and white...if you prefer a true black and white, please let me know!). 


What you can expect to pay:

As of January 2013:

- Current session fees are $150. 

- Access to all the session full-resolution photographs that you may print and distribute as you like is an additional $150.  The number of images is often between 30-60, but I will include as many as turned out great! If you choose this option, you will be able to order your prints/products from my labs AT COST!  I want you to get QUALITY products for the great pictures we'll take!  Ask me for side-by-side print comparisons if you like!

- Digital downloads with images sized for online posting ONLY are $50.  These will not be suitable for printing. 

- You can also simply order prints/products of your favorites straight from my site (http://www.abeautifulworldphotography.com)

- Like me on Facebook for possible discounts and specials!






* That you'll have FUN!!

* That you will make me aware of any concerns you have - allergies, fears, hopes, favorites, must-haves, etc!

* That you'll be dressed comfortably, and to reflect YOU.  Formal attire NOT required!  Think about colors that make you and each of your family members look their best.  Realize that bright colors can SOMETIMES cause color reflections on skin - try out the outfits in both the sun and in the shade to make sure they don't cause an unpleasant hue on skin.  Please avoid shirts with words on them - I find that distracting in pictures - I want YOU to be the focus!  Women - pay attention to what your outfit does for your cleavage...realize you may be bending over, holding a little one, etc, so make sure you aren't revealing more than you're comfortable with!

* Payment for the session is due at the time of the session.  I accept cash, checks and debit/credit cards. 



PLEASE email me if you have any questions, and I so look forward to meeting you!