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I believe the world is beautiful, even though sometimes the beauty can be hidden...I strive to remind myself of that daily.
I believe we need to take more time to play (working on it...).
I believe we are all just doing the best we can - I don't know all of your story, just like you don't know all of mine, so try not to judge...
I love chocolate, especially if it's in the form of Rocky Road ice cream. Or Thin Mints.
I love bright vivid colors.
I really like calm, soothing colors.
I'm a huge fan of blacks and whites, and sepias.
I'm still working on that "balance" thing...
I love animals, but am particularly fond of dogs - they make me so happy! Rescue a dog from a shelter, and save a life!
I am a very patriotic girl. I always place my hand over my heart when the National Anthem is played, and you should too.
I believe women CAN do it all, but I sure wish we didn't have to sometimes! :)
I'm kind of a control freak.
Even if I do take the time to fix my hair, I can almost guarantee it will be in a ponytail by the end of the day.
I prefer neatness and organization, but tend to be quite a mess!
I'm an early-riser and nap-taker (when I can).
I love LOVE music...(not rap...you can't sing to that).
I SO appreciate silence.
I don't mind change, but I may take my time getting used to it...
I edit sitting on a balance ball, however I'm sure my poor posture negates any positive benefit I could be getting from it.
I really adore hats, and don't get to wear them nearly enough (working on that too...).
I fix a cup of coffee most mornings with a whole bunch of flavored creamer, but rarely drink even half of it. (Don't ask me what that's all about, all I know is I can't stop...)
I recently became an asparagus addict. Who knew garlic salt and Parmesan could make that stalk taste so good?!
I love the outdoors! Get outside, People!
I sleep 8 hours a night. At least.   
I believe in a Heavenly Father who loves us, and I hope to show His beautiful work in my work.